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Diablo 3 Power Leveling Guide

Nobody wants to spend hours grinding and leveling to hit max level, which is probably why you are looking for power leveling tips. Read below to find out what you need to fill your personal diablo 3 power leveling guide book with helpful tips and tricks.

So, what the hell is the point? You don’t want to spend time grinding, you want to make tons of gold, and you want to hit max level and get all the epic gear you can get. Pretty simple, right?

How to get started?

Well, you need to start with a small game plan and it goes something like this… Your MAIN focus is getting as much XP as fast as possible. This means killing tons of monsters fast, staying equiped with the very strongest weapons and gear, and moving between tasks and quests as quickly as possible. Your health is a huge focus when power leveling because walking back from the grave yard is the LAST thing you want to spend time doing!

Things to avoid?

Stop wasting time lolly gagging and running back to the AH every few minutes. Close down social media because every second not playing is that much time wasted. One important thing you have to do is avoid difficult areas that are over your skill level. We want fast XP, but remember that dying is the last thing we want. Lastly, if you spend too much time grabbing worthless items you will waste a ton of time as well so just grab what you can sell for some decent gold.

Tips for Power leveling

You are going to want to get high quality gear with a sole focus on damage along with pluses to health. Be sure to focus on area spells so that you kill groups of monsters instead of single beasts. Every now and again you should check the AH for new items that could help you kill faster and make more XP.

When it comes to gear you want a ton of life, and especially life leech. One huge tip I have for you that is often overlooked is the need for boots with speed boosts of some sort.

Fast fighting tips for proper power leveling

Most importantly, you need to focus on your health while in battle and also keep in mind that AOE spells are your friend! Another thing to remember is that potions are cheap, and well worth keeping a ton in your pack. Many people overlook boost potions like agility and power but these can keep you alive longer, and help you kill faster as well. EXACTLY what we want!

Diablo 3 power leveling guide conclusion
-focus on high damage gear that has additional health boosts
-use elixirs and potions often
-use AOE spells for faster damage; avoid close combat
-DO NOT die
-STOP WASTING TIME, keep moving, and fast!

Diablo 3 Barbarian Guide

In this Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling guide, I will be revealing some of the best D3 Barb leveling tips that you can use to level up quickly and easily in Diablo 3.

We will talk start off talking about how to equip your Barbarian, go into some basic leveling builds and abilities that you should use to level up with, and then finally go into some leveling tips you can use in order to level up more quickly.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Guide – Gear and Weapons

The Barbarian has a ton of choices when it comes to the gear they can sport. As far as weapons go, you can dual wield with a couple one handed weapons, you can opt for the typical one handed weapon and a shield, or you can go all out and wield a 2 handed weap such as a two handed sword or a lance. Keep reading to find out the differences!

Dual Wielding in D3

Tons of Barbarians opt to go with the dual wielding or the typical warrior style sword and shield baba. One thing is often overlooked is that you can lose a ton of power and damage when you choose to dual wield.

How does dual wield work?

The two weapons you wield are completely separate and so is the damage they do to the target. This means that your damage is NOT added together between the two swords. Instead, they are counted as separate attacks. You will get an increase in attack speed of 15% in the event you go with dual wielding.

I like dual wield Baba’s if I have a set of weapons that are close in stats. If you end up finding a higher DPS weapon that you have equipped then it may be a good idea to get rid of the lower DPS in trade for a shield.

One Handed Weapon and Shield

This is best when you have a quality shield with some + stats it because using a shield does not effect your output damage too much, but it does help with staying alive and avoiding damage a whole lot! Of course, there will be a loss of damage over dual wielding but that is easily overlooked with a high quality shield.

On top of avoiding damage, you will have a huge boost in armor from the shield. Tons of people think incorrectly about the damage reduction that is gained when using a shield. That fact is, the gain in armor and damage mitigation is more than worth it in my mind

Two Handed Weapons

Two handed weapons are easier to get started with because you don’t need to find that happy balance between shield and sword, or between 2 separate weapons. This makes two handers an easy route for beginners.

Two handed weapons do well in lower levels because you will do more damage, and for skills like rend that do damage over time, you will kill faster and hit harder with a two hander.

Other D3 Barbarian Leveling Equipment

As a Barbarian you want to focus on strength and health boosts. After that, you should look for gear and weapons that boost the power and damage of your Baba. A huge part of the Barbarian is life leech because you will fight huge crowds and need to replenish your health quickly. Getting a little bit of life leech will go a long way for a barbarian.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Tips and Tricks

The most important thing to take note about your barb is that they kill tons of weaker enemeies, and they do it extremely well. As long as you have some life leech you should be fine smashing a huge group of monsters and moving quickly to the next batch.

If you want to be a “true” barb you NEED to have good gear that adds stats and boosts armor and damage. Having the best gear for any level is not what you want to focus on. Instead, try to have gear that is up to date and suitable for your level barb. This will keep you alive and fighting a lot longer.

Starting to take a ton of damage? Start thinking about getting a shield on until you find more appropriate gear for your build.

If you find that you can’t get past a certain boss it may be a good idea to do some farming for lower level items that can be broken down into mats you can then use to do some crafting. This will help 2 fold. First, you will level a few times, and second you can upgrade your characters gear before fighting the boss again. I hope you enjoyed my Diablo 3 barbarian leveling guide!

Diablo 3 Monk Guide – EPIC Monk Build Tips

If you are looking to survive as a Monk then you will enjoy this Diablo 3 monk guide. I am going to breakdown a few simple ways to play the Monk that will be fun and effective as well… Here we go!

Diablo 3 Monk Builds – Solo Build Tips

If you are looking to level quickly and make some quick gold then you are going to want to focus on area spells. This way you can kill whole groups of enemies rather than focusing on doing heavy DPS to a single target. Taking this route will allow you to make faster XP and get more items to cash in on.

On top of the AOE you need to find a way to avoid damage and even heal your character. Breath of Heaven is a great skill if you are looking for a good heal. On top of BoH, Dashing Strike makes a good addition for any Diablo 3 monk build.

A few other skills (under the passive category) that I like when it comes to a strong leveling and solo build are combo strike and near death experience. Remember, there are over 20 skills that the Monk can posses and they can be amped up by using runes (that change the attack) which means there are a TON of different builds to add to your D3 Monk guide toolbox!

Where the Monk Shines…

With so many different skills and abilities both offensive and defensive the Monk can be a really exceptional character. Although, a Monk that focuses on group play can be a great team player. As mentioned above, BoH is a great heal that will not only help you but also your allies that are in range.

Similar to the D2 Paladin, you have ‘Mantras’ that act as auras that make your entire party stronger. On the flip side, these can also act as attacks and apply heavy damage to enemies within range as well.

If your into doing a ton of damage then the Monk may not be the best match for needs, but if you are looking to have a group friendly character that can aid and support a party then this may be exactly what you want to build.

Overall, the Monk is a great character for anyone looking to do some melee damage, or anyone that wants to focus on group play. If you are into playing with your friends all the time then the Monk is a necessity.

For anyone in this alone, rest assured knowing that the Monk is awesome at soloing as well because of it’s ability to heal and survive. I hope you enjoyed this Diablo 3 Monk guide – now go create an epic Monk!

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Guide

If you are looking for all the best Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Guide then you have come to the right place!
Who should play as a Witch Doctor?If you enjoyed playing the Necromancer in D2 because of the summons and cool sidekicks then you will definitely enjoy playing as a Witch Doctor. Along with your pets you have the ability to use poison and curses to inflict huge damage to your enemy.

The important abilities of the Witch Doctor include their pets and elemental attacks, poisons and curses, and even hexes. As you would assume, your pets are just sidekicks that help you in the midst of battle so that you can fight to live another day. There are pets like zombies, bats and, spiders, and a bunch more. When it comes to the elemental attacks of the Witch Doctor they can kill hordes of enemies with acid clouds, locust swarms, and other really cool and graphically appealing attacks.

The Witch Doctor uses the curses and hexes to weaken, slow, and kill their enemies. These skills are perfect not only for your group of summons and pets, but also as a means of weakening the demons so the group can inflict more damage overall. Similar to the Necromancer in D2 again, the Witch Doctor’s uses Battlefield Control as a means of crowd control and as a way to make enemies flee in fear, strike their team, or even render them as a useless chicken.

How You Play A Witch Doctor:There are so many ways to build and play your Witch Doctor, but in this Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Guide we’ll discuss one of the easiest ways to play them, and that is by summoning Zombie Dogs and letting them quickly defeat everything that stands in your way. Keep in mind this is a very basic way of playing your Witch Doctor and with time you can tweak this method to suit your own character.

Some players tend to use their Witch Doctor’s in a different way. This could be as a melee fighter or even as a ranged attacker. Some of their spells inflict HUGE damage, and they can dual wield as a means of killing of their enemies more effectively.

The Witch Doctor has 22 skills at their disposal and they are broken down into 3 different types which are the Physical and Spirit Realm, as well as the Support. Physical consist mostly of your pets and summonable skills such as bats and spiders. The Spirit realm does it’s damage over time. The Support skills is a big mixture that consists of buffing and debuffing as well as summons. Keep in mind that like all other classes inside of the game, the Witch Doctors can only have six skills active at a time.

Overall, the Witch Doctor is a class that stands apart from the rest with their ability to summon pets and weaken their enemy in a storm of curses, poisons, and hexes. If you like to play with sidekicks, or if you enjoyed the Necro in D2 then you need to try the Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. If you really want to build a badass Witch Doctor check out this Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Guide.

The Ultimate Diablo 3 Game Guide

Diablo 3 Game Guide 101

When people started hearing that Blizzard was about to hit the streets with Diablo 3 they began to wonder what exactly the new game would be like, and at the same time the game guide creators started crafting their own versions of the Diablo 3 game guide. Literally millions of people had been waiting for this epic new release by Blizzard. It took a lengthy time for the game to hit the shelves as usual with most Blizzard stuff, however it has been a great game so far.

Now that everyone is starting to get into D3 and there are a ton of guides floating about. You will find a Diablo 3 game guide and you need to know what you want before you get your own. Now you need to begin thinking about what you expect from a guide. Some of you reading will be into making tons of gold using a special gold guide, while others just want to level to 60 super fast and have the most epic character builds ever. diablo 3 game guide

Diablo 3 Game Guide Tips

These are some tricks I have learned when it comes to buying a D3 guide and I think you should also adopt them when searching for your own. The best guide for leveling is one which will take you step by step along the journey that guarantees the fastest leveling routes. Most of these style of guides, or “add ons” are usually in game and make it extremely easy to hit max level in under a week.This feature alone is important and much easier than being forced to flip the pages on some strategy guidebook or even minimize your screen to flip your PDF every few minutes.

Another tip to those who truly want to be the most epic player on their server, using the best gear and having tons of gold, is to spend extra to get the most value. Why would I say invest more money? By following this 1 simple trick you are able to have much more fun and save much more cash simply because you wont have to purchase a guide for every aspect of the game. Everything will be consolidated into one guide, rather than charging you for each segment of a guide such as professions, or leveling.

These of us who want the best gear might have a bit harder time discovering the right guide, however they are out there and have already been covered on D3 Game guide X. I have purchased specialized gear guides in the past playing games like WoW but they never live up to the standard. Therefore, look for an “all in one” style guide.

I’ve given you a ton of my individual suggestions that can assist you to save money and time when selecting your Diablo 3 guide. Instead of jumping into some bogus guide take a few minutes to browse the reviews on this site. The very best factor you are able to do is take a few minutes researching to save tons of money and time in the future. The end result after grabbing a Diablo 3 game guide is usually reaching epic status with your character and flaunting the top gear with tons of gold to mess around with as well.